Release liner for self adhesive insulation material

These films need to be suitable for conversion on wide high speed machines. The films can be mono layer, blends of various monomers or complex co-extrusions. Each of our customers in this area has a slightly different adhesive system each with its own challenges. We develop custom coating systems which best suit the machinability and the end products application.

Release liners for tapes

Here specific film types are developped to suit the demands of our customers modern converting equipment. Release coating are developped working hand in hand with our customers to provide application solutions specific to our and their customer needs. Films can be mono layer, blends of various monomers or complex co-extrusions. Silicone coating can be achieved one or both sides with a system ideally suited to the adhesive weather it be acrylic or hot melt.

Release liners for the roofing industry

Todays roofing membrances are produced on machines which run increasingly faster and hotter. Our release liners not only need to handle these challenges but also provide an attractive finish on the finished product, which can include barrier properties against weeping oils, but also the high tear resistance necessary when the films are removed during application. As roofing is notoriously carried out under very hot conditions, the release systems need to be more that suitable to release at elevated temperatures.
Such films can be mono layer, blends of various monomers or complex co-extrusions. These films can be perforated to aid our customers production process and/or perforated over several positions in machine direction to aid the end use.

Release liner for medical applications

These films can be mono layer, blends of various monomers or complex co-extrusions. The surface texture can be adjusted to suit the application. The silicone systems can be customed to suit a wide array of customers adheives and gels.


If you can't find your product application don't hesitate to contact us. Beside these applications there are a lot of applications for release films we also attend. Why not find the right film for you?

I n d u s t r i a l  P r o c e s s  f i l m

For many industrially produced products which go through several process steps a material is required to protect the half finished material. Some of these applications cannot use a silicone coated release liner for fear of eventual contamination.

A solution is to have a heavily structured or embossed material. The reduced surface contact area provides a release characteristic. These films can be mono layer, blends of various monomers or complex co-extrusions. A wide range of emboss pattern and heights are available(with custom emboss patterns always an option).

S e p a r a t o r  f i l m s   f o r   t h e  p r e p r e g  i n d u s t r y

A further application for our separator films is the prepreg industry, where they help in the manufacturing of components found on ships, airplanes and wind turbines. Our flat, embossed separator films protect pre-impregnated glass- and carbon-fibre fabrics, which are used to make a wide range of lightweight yet highly stable moulded parts, such as wind turbine rotor blades or the wings of modern passenger planes.

H y g i e n e/m e d i c a l  p r o d u c t s

Many hygiene applications require a "quiet" film as a moisture barrier. Such films need to be suitable for extreme high speed conversion but also the film specification requires continous re-evaluation so that the material remains competitive in a global market.

S p e c i a l   f i l m s

Films for one use products

We also produce film for one use gloves, one use protective suits, one use over shoes. These films are blended and embossed to provide a very elastic, pliable material which can be easily cut and welded. 

Anti-corrosion film

This film is used to protect metal components or products against corrosion. This plays an important role in sea transport where the transported products are exposed to an aggressive climate and can become damaged quickly. This is where our anti-corrosion film helps your products reach customers without being damaged.