D E K U - K u n s t s t o f f a b r i k

About us

DEKU is a german  manufacturer of technical films situated in southern Germany. The company was formed in 1971 as DEKU Kunststoffabrik Max Bolkart KG and is currently runned in the second generation continuing as DEKU Kunststoffabrik E. & J. Bolkart GmbH & Co. KG. DEKU can reflect on more than 40 years of experience in the production of technical films.
The Pommelsbrunn facility, situated close to Nürnberg, extrudes more than 14.000 metric tons per year of LDPE, HDPE, PP and blends - mono and co-extrusions(until five layers). Value is added to these base films by either embossing or coating or both. All the production stages are completed in-house. DEKU belongs to the leading group of companies in all the industry segments served.

Our goal is to provide innovative client oriented solutions to meet our customers objectives, affording quality and flexibility at very competitive price levels with commitment and desire.

We pride ourselves on long lasting strategic partnerships with all of our customers. Current and planned investment in state of the art equipment means that DEKU is and will be strategically positioned to keep abreast of market changes, trends and innovations.

Our flat company hierarchy provides the ideal environment for efficient, responsive and cost effective execution of the complete order handling and production process.

An unprecedented continuity in our technical staff provides am enormous expertise base in film blowing and coverting and provides one of DEKU's core competencies

Sustainable development, balancing environmental with economical aspects, is our road plan and action plan for a successful future.


Our quality procedures and documentation have been in accordance with ISO 9001 since more than twenty years.

We are extremely consequent in the implementation of ISO 50001 and are ever aware of our environmental responsibilities with our in-house program of continual improval with regards to energy saving.